Friday, September 19, 2014

Major new endorsement for The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé

Received this email from O. Glenn Smith (former manager of Space Shuttle systems engineering at NASA's Johnson Spaceflight Center):

"Hi Rick,

I just finished reading your great book.  Good going!  We are really swimming upstream, perhaps until the next election.  If you have not seen it, attached is one of my recent articles in Space News.


For those interested in reading the article of which Glenn spoke, here is a link:

It is most gratifying when significant figures in the space community have complimentary things to say about my work.

Following are some of the other kudos received by me:

"I hope you continue as a voice against pork at NASA"
Lori Garver, (former Deputy Administrator of NASA) commenting to the author about The Plundering of NASA: an Exposé

"The Plundering of NASA offers an insightful analysis of the agency's struggle with external forces tending to distort a clear, long-term US vision for space exploration. In crisp and concise prose, it calls into question NASA's current "flight plan" for reaching its stated destination, and makes the case for using the game-changing technologies needed for a truly sustainable and robust human exploration of space. An enlightening read for those who are not in the field and food for thought for those who are. " 
Dr, Franklin Chang-Diaz, former Space Shuttle astronaut, CEO of Ad Astra Rocket Company and inventor of the VASIMR electric rocket drive

"The author does an excellent job of exposing how a few individuals in the legislative branch of our government are impeding the progress of our space program. This is most evident with the Space Launch System, a project to develop a heavy lift launch vehicle in the same class as the Saturn V that sent astronauts to the moon. It is also true to a lesser extent with the Orion spacecraft that is designed for human missions beyond earth orbit. Both of these projects are based on flawed designs (more on this later). Worse yet, these projects (especially the Space Launch System) are consuming such a large portion of NASA's budget that other vitally important work is not getting accomplished. Of course the book's author is not the only one who has been pointing out these things, but I was glad to see it laid out in detail in book form. I hope that members of congress read this book and that it helps influence legislative policy."
Gerald Black, 40 year veteran aerospace engineer who worked on the ascent engine of the Apollo lunar lander for NASA

"The Plundering of NASA: An Exposé by R.D. Boozer is the indispensable source for a wide range of information about the SLS controversy and the machinations within NASA, the Congress, aerospace companies and two Administrations that have left us in the terrible mess we are in today. It is the most comprehensive single source for both SLS-Orion program information and context. I have written several articles about the SLS issue and found the book very valuable and interesting."
John K Strickland, Jr.
member National Space Society Board of Directors
Advocate: Space Frontier Foundation

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