Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Galileo’s Fingers -- a Photographic Exploration of Antique Scientific Instruments

The Science Museum in Florence, Italy

My wife Julie and I went to Italy to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  I have put together a new educational public photo presentation about our fascinating visit to the Museo Galileo in Florence.  I call the talk, “Galileo’s Fingers”.  While at the museum, I saw two telescopes that were actually made by Galileo, as well as a number of other scientific instruments constructed by this great genius.  The museum was filled with interesting archaic scientific instruments from many sources dating back over a span of a thousand years, including: antique telescopes, armillary spheres, celestial globes, etc.
Why a peculiar title like “Galileo’s Fingers”?  Well, preserved in ornate glass bell jars, I saw and photographed (you guessed it) Galileo’s fingers!

Anyone interested in a presentation of this program for their group can message me on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment here.  For a list of my other public presentations, click this link:

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