Monday, November 3, 2014

The Great SLS Debate

On Sunday, November 16 at 4PM Eastern Standard time, the globally popular online program The Space Show will host a live debate regarding the merits of NASA’s controversial rocket known as the Space Launch System, AKA SLS.  Arguing for SLS will be John Hunt (a former military aerospace professional), while the contrary position will be supported by Rick Boozer (Space Development Steering Committee member, astrophysicist and author of the book, The Plundering of NASA).  Dr. David Livingston will be the host and moderator of the debate.

Its supporters claim that SLS will allow NASA to return to the Moon and go to points beyond. Its detractors claim it will actually prevent the achievement of that goal (wasting many billions of dollars of taxpayer money in the process) and thus refer to SLS as “The Rocket to Nowhere”.  It is the latter faction’s contention that there are more modern, more economical, safer and easier to implement alternatives to SLS for American deep space travel.

Tune in to see which side makes the best case about how our nation’s future in space should be conducted.  A recording of the debate will be available for free download a couple of days after it airs.